About Foodaroo.com

What the foodaroo?
It all started out with a folder... A folder full of the best places to go out to eat, a folder with all the menus and contact info of the places only years of trial, error and exploring could find. We kept finding we never had it with us when we needed it. We also found it hard to share the folder with others. We had all these great menus and places to eat and wanted to share them. That's how foodaroo.com was born. We wanted to make a site in the true web 2.0 spirt. A site that is full user contributed content controlled by the people that use it. A place anyone could add a menu or restaurant, review it and share their opinions about it.

Who are these food loving people
Foodaroo.com is a completely independent group. We are not owned by any bigger corporation or anything. We are a small group that passionately loves food and dinning out. We depend on the community to help us keep this site open and free for everyone. If you want to help out, please add some restaurants, or contact us, if you would like to help out more. More bio information to come later.

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