Hickory Hanks B.B.Q. Pit

Hickory Hanks B.B.Q. Pit

Cuisines and styles offered:

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1123 S. Union St.
mishawaka , IN 46645

Mon. 4:00pmto 10:00pm
Tues. 4:00pmto 10:00pm
Wed. 4:00pmto 10:00pm
Thur. 4:00pmto 10:00pm
Fri. 4:00pmto 10:00pm
Sat. 4:00pmto 10:00pm
Sun. 4:00pmto 9:00pm

SeatingServe Alcohol
Parking Accepts Credit Cards
WiFi hotspotAccept groups

Ownership: Independent

~~Daily Specials~~

A.Y.C.E fish fry.... &8.95

Special Directions:
On the corner of 331 and 13th st in north mishawaka in.

wow ! Incredible B.B.Q ! Best pulled pork I've ever had.... The tips were OUTSTANDING too ! We also tried the cheese planks, they are huge and soooo tasty.. (hank says they are homemade, it shows)... great experience....

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