Welcome Restaurant Owners!

Foodaroo is a user contributed database of restaurants. It has options to review, rate, and add pictures and menu scans. As a restaurant owner you can do even more. Foodaroo is a great way to get free publicity for your restaurant. When you make a free account, you can claim your restaurant if it is already added or add it if not. After you are listed as the owner of the restaurant you can manage the menu scans, pictures, and daily specials. You can keep the information about your restaurant up to date also. This includes things like your hours of operation, description, and location. You also can purchase extras like ads, and featured status for your restaurant.

Getting started

1. Create an Account If you have not already create an account first. Its free and only takes a few minutes.
2. Request to be an owner Once you have created an account and are logged on go here to request your account to be upgraded to a owner account. This is free but may require a phone call to verify your identity.
3. Add your restaurant Go here to add your restaurant if it is not already in the database. If you are not set up as an restaurant owner yet, you still can submit your restaurant from here also. It will just have to wait for approval.
4. Manage your restaurants After you have your account and your restaurants set up, you can manage them from this My Eats page. You also may click the edit button on the page of your restaurant. Which will give you a host of options to change.

Promote your Restaurant

1. Make your Restaurant featured Making your restaurant featured is a great way to promote your restaurant. It will show up first in searches and in the list of restaurants.
2. Advertise You can also advertise on this website. This will give you a edge over other restaurants.
3. Get Reviewed Send us gift certificates or coupons for two people to eat at your restaurant, and we will do a full review. This will also get you on the editor's restaurant of the week.

Contact Us

If you have any questions at all or need any help feel free to Contact Us.

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